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I need advice..


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Just some background-
I am a wrestler currently competing at the D-III level, after 2 injury plagued seasons, I underwent shoulder surgery in November of last year. After rehab, and a 2 month intro strength cycle I have been training harder than ever before in my life. I expect to be in the running for the national title.
I was introduced to kettlebell's in 2003 and strongly believe in essentially all of the party's principles.

The core of my routine includes:
Density style pull-ups see Ethan Reeve (RKC)
Pistol pyramids/straight sets
KB MP or Side Press
KB Swings

I personally believe swings are the most effective anaerobic conditioner a grappler can utilize.
My current PR's w/ 24kg x60 head-level (couple left in the bank)
and with the 32kg x 36 head-level (maybe 2 left before the kb went flying!)
What kind of volume/ (goal) max reps should I shoot for.
I currently try to get between 400-600 24kg /week
and 100+ 32kg swings /week.

Yours in training-


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I would ask Steven Maxwell about that since he's a grappler..Your numbers are pretty good but if your shoulder allows try snatches, maybe hold 2 KB's 1 in each hand and do alternating snatches and then follow it up with alternating cleans and then double swings, number of reps all by themselves arent always that important or the most appropriate way of gauging conditioning,you would want your means of conditioning to resemble the way you expend energy in what ever it is your training for... you could condense your training and shoot for reps within an alloted amount of time(time /reps), if youre rounds are three minutes maybe start with three minutes and crank out clean solid reps quickly, or train in intervals with active rest do 1 min of swings , then hold the KB's overhead for 20 sec, then follow w/ cleans and hold them in rack position and continue in this manner till you done, use different movements and be creative, never lose focus of safety and application of KB basics...just some ideas hope it helps...Jeremiah

Pavel Tsatsouline

Com. Preimes, welcome to the Party! Com. Steve Maxwell, RSVP. n/m

Com. Preimes, welcome to the Party! Com. Steve Maxwell, RSVP. n/m
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