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I work at a gym.....

Carl Smith

New member
I kept the place clean, spot people and what not.

One day after I finished doing windmills with 125lb. dumbbell, one of the other guys in there came up to me and said.

"I never see you actually do a workout. You just seem to do a few reps and then wonder around for a while. How are you going to get (fit/big/buff/ripped) doing that?"

My response:

ME "How much do you squat?"

HIM " About 330."

ME "How much did you squat a month ago?"

HIM " About 320 "

ME " Well one month ago I squated 315 for one rep. Today I can do it for 10 reps, and squat 375 for my 1RM. You do legs 3 days a week. I squat on Tuesdays, and i jumped 60 pounds to your 10 lbs.

My workout

5-10 sets 2-3 reps. GTG over a 6 hour period. Followed by one set of near max. reps. with 315lbs. Every Tuesday for one month.

The guy didn't bother me again until he saw me doing weighted one arm hangs. He mouthed " WTF" and went on his merry way. I couldn't help but grin.

I'm so glad I work out in my tiny, cramped, super hot or cold (depending on the season) garage. Pull ups on my garage supports, KBs, jump rope and my body.

No looks, no questions, no idiots... unless I'm that idiot which happens occassionaly.

CarlSmith, do the free world a favor and stick to your lifting plan. Keep improving and one day when you see homeboy in the Smith Machine, squating and getting spotted way too close in a suspicious way by a fellow mullet... Throw an extra 100 or so pounds more than him and smile while you do it.

With his rate of progress and yours that won't be too long.

Rock on brother,

Pavel Tsatsouline

Com. Carl, a great story and training plan! What weight are you using for GTG? n/m

Com. Carl, a great story and training plan! What weight are you using for GTG? n/m

T. Phillips RKC

New member
good story and I can identify with it . . .

I own my own training studio which allows me to GTG often. Most people don't understand what an advantage that is for strength...I kind of like it that way. 2 or 3 pull-ups here and there and before you know it you're a mutant. Great story.
Thomas Phillips

Carl Smith

New member
Response for Pavel.........

I believe I started with 225 for the first Teusday..It seemed way to light so I added a little weight thoughout the sets until I found one that was heavy enough to feel like I was actually doing something but still reasonable enough to complete my reps.

At this time I had never practiced heavy Barbell squats regularly...so I didnt have alot of confidense in how much weight I could handle.

But by the final week my GTG was with 315 lbs.

And it was my final set that I attemped my 1 RM of 375lbs. and succeded.

-Carl Smith
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