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I'll summarize since I can't remember my exact words

Rob Lawrence

New member
a. A guy with a gym and some inside connections does not constitute a "federation" -- unless I'm some naive American who doesn't understand Old World ways. Wait, is that chuckling I hear?

b. What's done is done. If you have international GS ambitions, you should join Dmitri's federation so you have a shot at competing abroad. It won't offend me and I don't believe it should offend any other NAKF members. He has access to the big boys like Mishin, that is obviously.

c. If you do sign up though, I would not expect too much transparency about rules, membership, judging, team selection, or anything else that matters ... I suspect you will be interacting frequently with a Committee of One that is not particularly renowned for forthcomingness.

That's about as rude and as sarcastic as I care to get in a public forum, and I apologize in advance for this terrible attack on honest immigrants who are just trying to make a living.



New member
I am not sure what to make of this particular situation. The number of kettlebell athletes that compete in this country is pretty low and the number with current ambitions of competing internationally is even lower. I'm not sure what he hopes to gain at this point.


New member
Can you explain?

I've been away from the forum for awhile, but this appears to be gratuitously nasty to me. Dmitry is holding an event here in San Francisco which should have a couple of big names in kettlebell sport, and should be lots of fun. But your attack seems to be quite personal.

I can't understand why this is a bad thing, and why you chose to attack it so viciously.
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