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importance of a sharp technique


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My thoughts on training for strength has evolved quite a bit over the years. In my teens and twenties it was go to the gym and use every machine in the place. No pain no gain and more is better. I pretty much overtrained on a frequent basis. What you don't know can hurt you. This also included my running. I was obsessed with always beating my previous run times from the day before. Result was shin splints, bloody toes and burnout. I continued along this line of training on and off until my mid 40s. A little late in life but I figured that sensible programing centered around the main goal was the only way to succeed. But along with the program the exercise technique must be flawless. Every training session is directed toward sharpening the skill technique. A blunt axe, as is a bad program/technique is next to worthless. A sharp axe on the other hand, or a proven successful program/technique is much superior. Abe Lincoln knew about axes. He was a rail splitter and President of the USA. He knew the value of a sharp axe better than most, and is know to have commented that "if given two hours to cut down a tree, I would spent an hour and a half sharpening my axe". A sharp technique and program will keep you moving forward almost without injury. So make sure blade is sharp and knock down some trees...hehehe!!...Dennis
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