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Injuries on HS football team


New member
Really sad the kind of lifting program my school has for the football team. 5 guys are out after 2 weeks of pads. 3 of them are out due to lower back problems! Take a wild guess at what lifting aid we are forced to use all to much. Funny cause my lower back is doing great and i still wear the weight belt, i just leave it 4 notches to loose lol.

Josh Henkin RKC

New member
Yes, it is extremely unfortunate that many high school coaches fall into one of two groups.

1. Those that adhere to tradition in spite of more update and better methods of training. Often when you speak to such coaches their answer to why the perform specific training they say, "because this is how we did it at....", or this is the program we got from a Division I school.

2. Those that fall prey to the most current fads and buzz words. They will attend a seminar or camp and want to redo their training program based upon what these "experts" said. Not much critical analysis or independant thinking.

Now that I think about it, this is how many trainers and strength coaches are as well:) Actually high school coaches can sometimes be very good, however, they are also at a major disadvantage with poor pay and ofen not much help from the administration. Of course this varies, but this seems to be often the case.

Josh Henkin


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Another Injury

Another lower back Injury today! Our coach sat us down to have a talk. He says the reason everyones lower back is hurting is because they are not doing full lunges in our warm-ups
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