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Intervals vs. steady state, continued


New member
nice. another thing is that someone doing kb interval stuff will be a better jogger than a jogger doing kb interval work, imo.


New member
OK, since is started this whole thing.....

Sorry, didn't mean to open such a big can of worms.....so,

For now, since the body responds so well to change, I think i will do the HOC 3 x a week for two weeks then change it up to jogging 3 x a week for the next 2 weeks.

BTW, at some time in the near future i will put this to a test and eat the same, sleep the same and test out each way for a month. We shall see!


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schneider! nice to meet ya. please, tho, let's just not even go there into who's intervals are better! that's gonna start another chain ... the only questions are

a) are you training or exercising? (adapted from a rif postulate)
b) if you're training, do what's best for that goal
c) if you're exercising, do what keeps you happy moving

eh? eh? what do ya think?
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