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"IOMS" huh?


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Instant Onset Muscle Soreness?

I wonder if you experienced guys can throw some light on this.

Yesterday I completed week 27 of CC2 Calf Raises (Double leg calf raises off the floor [straight legs] - 4 sets of 75). Immediately after finishing set 4 my calves were sore (and still are today).

I've had DOMS plenty times, but never IOMS. I did have a two week layoff prior to this (but have only experienced DOMS [as usual] with the other muscles).

I found an interesting post http://tnation.t-nation.com/free_online_forum/blog_sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_alpha/doms_or_ioms at T Nation but it dealt with people having IOMS or DOMS, not both.



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I get this sometimes from muscle cramping.
Many thanks for your reply stonehousekarate.

Mine definitely isn't muscle cramping, it's just normal muscle soreness (or "muscle ache" like they used to call it in the old days). The thought of having cramps for one or a few days is frightening!

I was simply wondering if this is a common thing... and why I should suddenly get Instant rather than Delayed out of the blue.



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it's the same. i get it (IOMS) when i do something that causes incredible microtrauma. it can kick in as soon as a few minutes after the cause and tends to be a harbinger of very intense DOMS. one example where this would happen--my first 400m in spikes when i had been doing all my training in running shoes or barefoot. i would get calf doms, but without the delay (the soreness would last for a long time - as much as a week)
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