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Is circuit training good for strength & muscle ?


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In the present day, every bit of us lead extremely busy lives and are constantly busy with work and running behind our professional well-being. Living this kind lifestyleand being wrapped around by technology has left an associated with us consumed with stress. We are tired all period and have no time shell out with ourhousehold or family and friends. That is why we are always searching for ways to rejuvenate ourselves. Ought to be done want to move to the spa for the weekend.While some don't provide the time, most don't adequate resources to do so.
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If you are overweight (even just a bit) it is important to make weight loss and fat loss happen. Make that be your number one priority. I have been doing intermittent fasting for almost a year and a half with good results. Its not for everyone but I found that it works well for me and suits my lifestyle. It also saves me quite a bit of money on the grocery bill. Saves on cooking time in the kitchen, and just makes my day alot simpler. I did CC for a time. Good program. But dropping the pounds is the linch pin...Dennis

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If you're going to give circuit training a try I think full body workouts would be the correct choice. It probably won't be as good for strength so it comes down to what your goals are.

You also said you're bored and stuck so I think it's time to do something different for a while. Maybe give some of the variations a try or change up the programming a bit. They say that after about 6-8 weeks your body gets used to what it's doing and progress will slow.
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