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Isochain: So how ya usin' it?


New member
So my Isochain arrived Tuesday, on Wednesday I did my first workout with it, I'm doing the Promethean (from the Ultimate Isometrics Manual) workout (deadlift, curl, shoulder press) three times per week. I still do bodyweight training, play with kettlebells, and work with resistance bands (gave up weightlifting a few years ago).

Finding it very easy to use, the one thing that could be improved is getting the chain length right for a given exercise, but as per a suggestion from Adrienne Harvey I'm going to label the link for each given exercise, that should make things even smoother. On subsequent workouts I won't have to hunt for the right length.

So how are you using the isochain?


New member
Mine arrived earlier this week. I did the Program A in the quick start guide, 3 sets each of Deadlifts, Overhead Press, Bent Rows, Biceps Curl, and I added 2 sets of behind the head Triceps Extension. Since it was the first time I was using it, I set the load on the handle very low, and set the timer for 20 seconds as in the guide. It felt awesome.

For now, I will be using it once a week. I train 3 non consecutive days a week. One day I do kettelbell clean and presses, followed by kettlebell cleans, One day the Isochain, and one day a week I do Kung Fu basics in a self practice. Lots of basic strikes, some form punching a 10lb canvas bag, about the size of a paint can, filled with pea gravel. The Isochain is replacing Kettlebell Snatches in my routine. I will up the intensity of my Kung Fu self practice for the conditioning.

I did feel great the next day after my first Isochain workout. I will be sticking to this routine for a while, although I am considering lowering the time from 20 seconds to maybe 10, and making the target load heavier.

John and the rest of the Dragondoor staff, congratulations on another winner. I love this thing, and highly recommend it. I hope you people are working on Isochain Instructional DVD's.


New member
Agreed, this is a fantastic device, worth every penny. One thing I've noticed...so I've been doing the Promethean with the Worldfit Iso Trainer for at least a month or more, but the two workouts I've done with the Isochain tired me out much more. I wonder if the spring is reducing cortical inhibition so I really am working harder. Not sure, but in any case I'm getting a great workout.

Like you, my main workouts involve Chinese martial arts (xinyidao) and also bodyweight stuff and kettlebells, the isometrics is meant to be a strength building supplement that is easier on the joints than weightlifting.


Staff member
Glad you're enjoying it. I need to write it up, but I've been experimenting with adding the Promethean workout to my training but also to one of my very advanced client's. It's been great so far - we should have some impressive numbers to report soon.
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