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Isochain Upgrade Hacks: Chain and App


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In another thread, a member mentioned:
“Finding it very easy to use, the one thing that could be improved is getting the chain length right for a given exercise, but as per a suggestion from Adrienne Harvey I'm going to label the link for each given exercise, that should make things even smoother. On subsequent workouts I won't have to hunt for the right length.”

My $9.99 Isochain upgrade hack for the chain: attached these tough, weather resistant vinyl stickers (see link below) every five links (5, 10, 15, 20 ... 90) starting from the top, so for every hold I can record the exact link length for reproducibility and quick setup. Color of stickers looks good too (looks like it came with it). They have white numbers on a black background, and I think the perfect size. To my eyes very sharp looking. And it really saves time. There’s no reason, I think, to have every link numbered, since as long as you have the links numbered every five, it’s really easy to calculate 8 or 37, etc.

My other cheap but very helpful under $10 hack is for logging progress. I’m using the iOS app HeavySet to record a three day week routine (records my max and average load per rep, and the link number for set up).

MWF. Four 6 second holds per exercise:
Seated row
Chest press
Shoulder press

Stickers I used:
25 Sheets 1 to 100 Vinyl Consecutive Number Stickers 0.4 Inch Small Self-Adhesive Number Labels Waterproof Inventory Stickers Decal for Indoor, Outdoor, Storage, Classification, Boxes and Lockers https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08DHVKJG3/
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