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It WORKS! KB's and B.P. Workman DL....


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I struggle with the DL. Yes, I know, that's common and it doesn't make me special. I've fought with this most important of lifts for a long time, and it was just so slow, so miserable, so draining... anyway, I found KB's helped my DL, and I got to 365 at 190 bodyweight. But I was still miserable. A few months ago, I dropped the DL, except for once amonth when I would test but not go crazy. I got 385. In July, I didn't feel like maxing, and did 10 singles in eleven minutes with 350, but that was obnoxiously draining. I had been doing swings, sntches, and C&P almost exclusively for a while, and last night seemed as good a night as any to test. I actually got 400 Pounds! Not that it's a world record, but it IS a personal record! All this and my conditioning is better, my spine is behaving better, and my nerves aren't always shot. I'm going to keep at this, but I plan on more variety in KB work (different lifts, different set/rep schemes, etc). I had been doing only the 20 minute thing, and this begins to take it out of you if it's all you're doing. Once again, thanks to Pavel and BP workman, this is a great plan!

Shawn Reed

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Storm... Can you email me....


Do you still live in Pitt, PA ? I live in Robinson Twp. It would be good to train together, I am currently training to compete in the TSC. Would you be interested in attending ?

Shawn Reed, RKC
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