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Jack, Miller went 1200?!?!?!?!

Scott Shetler

New member
I just came across some pictures of Mike, said he went 1150 to open, then got 1200 at an IPA meet in NY recently. Do you have any links of the video? I am sure all the haters will be complaining about canvas gear and monolifts.

1200 is freakin amazing and well over 3x his bodyweight. Good stuff..


David Bennett

New member
Scott, the IPA is complete bullshit. I have no problems with monolifts (actually I wish the IPF would use them) but half squats in a 4 layer canvas diaper is retarded. The IPA is to powerlifting what the WWE is to olympic wrestling, total crap and only meant to entertain a crowd.

He will not post the video because he knows it was a gift lift like his 1100. I also understand that it should not count as a WR as it was set at a local meet.


Scott Shetler

New member

while I respect your opinion I have to disagree a bit. I know some of the feds come under fire for what equipment they allow, whether they drug test, squat depth, etc. The fact of the matter is if Mike uses multi-ply canvas gear, and the FED allows it, that's his call. If he doesn't squat to IPF standards that's fine, all he has to squat to is what the IPA considers legal. It's up to the judges for that fed's meet to make the call. I realize in a perfect world everyone would have to squat to the same depth and bench with the same arch, flat footed, lack of arch, single/multi-ply gear or raw. I don't think that will ever happen though. I think that it is more important for the competitors to abide by what their federations considers legal. If someone wants to juice, fine that is their choice and they should be honorable enough to lift in a FED that doesn't test and not try to be a test in a FED that bans drugs. If someone wants to lift raw, single, double or multi-ply, that is fine and their call. There are plenty of feds to suit their needs. I hope I don't sound like I am on a soapbox BTW, I am a complete newbie gearing up for my first comp and these are just my observations. In a perfect world, there would be one FED with one set of rules that everyone would follow, but I don't think that is the case. I am just so jacked up to be training and competing in my first comp I don't care. I am lifting in a FED that allows 2-ply gear. I am lifting in 1-ply. No worries. I am just psyched to be part of it. I know some of the IPA guys, some of the APF/WPO guys, some of the WNPF guys, and some of the USAPL/IPF guys and have learned a TON from all of them. It's all good in my book.

Like I said, I respect your opinion, applaud your accomplishments, and enjoy reading your posts. I am not trying to argue your points, just wanted to share mine.

Thanks David!




the guy is genuinely strong, but

there is a HUGE difference between using a monolift with NO start signal, double or triple ply canvas suits with double ply denim or canvas briefs( lets see, thats FOUR layers of seriously stiff canvas) NO drug testing,judges that are friends or at the least want you to succeed,and rules so lax that if you come up with it it gets passed.

there is also a huge difference in actually having to break parallel in that when doing so you have to "give up" your lower back arch and then try to regain it.. the leverages are so much better even AT parallel then slightly below it. At IPF depths it is an enormous difference.

Having to travel overseas,actually weigh in two hours before( for mike that wouldnt have mattered but some guys compete 30 pounds heavier than they weigh in)walk it out,hold it til some not so friendly judge makes sure your knees are perfectly straight before you get the start signal, squat DEEP,lock knees and again and show CONTROL before you get the rack signal, then walk it back in, all in single ply gear, is a major difference.Oh yea, and pass a decently stringent drug test, which means you must be off at least a few weeks.

BTW, I have utmost respect for Mike as I saw his 1100 pound squat and thought it was good from the video( and given his "feds" rules but things are definitely out of hand.

If a fed says you dont have to completely control the weight or fully lock out does that make a lift legit just becasue they make a rule?

I truly hate where powerlifting is going and dont miss it much at all anymore. bring back ONE gear standard and dont let it change. constantly updating gear makes the focus on "mastering" the material design of the gear rather than getting "really" stronger.

Its the same with bodybuilding and drugs. I quit bodybuilding when I found I was focused more on the pharmacology than on my training methodology.

now its the same with powerlifting.JMHO

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