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Jandas and sore back


New member
My lower back has been stiff and sore inthe morning since I began the practise of Jandas a week ago. Note: it goes away with stretching or warming up. I figure it's jsut DOMS, and that I had a muscular imbalance that only the evil situps has discovered, and that this will probably pass. Any thoughts?

Com. Steven Barnes

I Love Pavel

New member
I think you just need to have the person holding your legs pull hard enough so that you don't feel like your legs are doing the work. Do you use a mat or pad to lay on when you do the jandas?

Pavel Tsatsouline

Com. Steven Barnes, provided you do the drill correctly and have no health problems it just means you have a tight back. But you could be using your hip flexors with bad form too.
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