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Ketllebell Circuit


New member
I want to get some feedback on my KB circuit. If it seems light...keep in mind I go through this about 5 times. Its exhausting and full body.

Goblet Squats: 5

Swings: 10

Row-press-curl: 3-2-1 per arm

One arm pushups: 2 per arm

Jack knife sit ups: 5

On the row-press-curl, I do bent over rows from a standing lunge-like position (no bench) the noverhead press, then a bicep curl. If you think bicep curls are not functional strength you have never wrestled. Plus you need to balance the pressing movements.


New member
If wrestling is your sport - consider replacing the row-press-curl with TGUs. Also, I would do the one arm push ups as the first exercise. You want to be fresh when you do them. Hardest drills first. Maybe replace the Jack knife sit ups with knee tucks or janda sit ups. Jack knife sit ups, imho, like standard sig ups are hard on the lower back...Dennis


I'd do pull-ups & handstand oush-ups instead of the row-press-curls & maybe add bridges as a warm-up. Maybe do dragon flags right after (if you don't have anything to grab on to, you can stab a pole into the ground & hold that- one hand over the other & switch or two poles close enough together).

Grand total: All bridges & all dragon flags, then goblet squats, swings, handstand push-ups, pull-ups in a sequence.

If it's too much for your grip, try walking one-legged squats (hook one ankle behind the other, do a full squat without pushing off with the other leg, then switch). You can hold the kettlebell to your chest or use a sandbag, in case of dropping it.
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