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Kettlebell Question Pavel or Anyone?


New member
I have a basement to workout in with a low ceiling about 7'2" from the concrete floor to the floor joists above or 7'11" from the concrete floor to the space between the floor joists which is about 1' from floor joist to floor joist. I stand about 6' tall around 7'2" with a arm extended straight above me with a closed fist. How tall are the kettlebells from the 35lb up to the bulldog 80lb bell? Would it be hard to do the overhead exercises? Would it be possible to do the overhead exercises if when my arm was extended straight above me to target the space between the floor joists or is that not enough room for the various different sized bells? Does the RKC require you to do alot of overhead straight arm locked out movements that might possibly be hard to do in my basement?Thanks for all the answers


New member
You can safely do swings to head height, military presses, getups, windmills, overhead squats, around the legs passes, renegade rows, bent over rows, floor presses, one legged deadlifts, suitcase deadlifts, dragon walks, rolling deck squats, front squats, rack holds, farmers walks, cleans, deep jerks with lowering the weight as you rise, and more that I am not thinking of at the moment. I would not try snatches unless you again use a very deep knee bend at the catch, and lower the weight as you rise. Such a style of snatch is far easier to do with a dumbell than with a kettlebell.

RKC requires you only to workout hard, and with imagination. You will be able to become wonderfully fit and tough in your basement.
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