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Kettlebells New article

coach hale

New member
Kbs, How and Why? Check out the article as it takes an in depth look at kbs and their benefits. The article can be found at www.maxcondition.com.

Just a reminder i will be conducting a Agility, Quickness Camp Dec 14th at Total Body Fitness call for more info 859-737-2753.

I will also be hosting a Kettlebell Workshop in January with Dave Randolph.

Thank you
Coach Hale


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I'm not a competitive athlete, but I think that if I was, this article would intrigue me. Nicely written, extremely informative. And that workout schedule is for hard core types only!


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I wrote the workout and based it on what I'm doing in my workout. I needed to crank up the MA workout I was doing because I was startinn to gain weight and getting slower, both of which can be attribute to getting old (43).

The addition of KBs to my workout has been great. I lost 3 lbs without really trying. I was more interested in maintaing weight while replacing the old spare tire with more muscle. Its getting there.

I was going to do a beginner's routine, but it just wrote itself...

I'll be doing a 4hr seminar in January at Coach Hale's gym, and another one at my place around the same time

if you have any q's email me @

Dave Randolph, RKC

Louisville, KYFulcrumFitness

Sean H.

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Very good article. I thought Arthur Saxon was born in Germany and lived in England. n

Very good article. I thought Arthur Saxon was born in Germany and lived in England. n/m
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