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Kettlebells Saved My Life

Growing up as a kid I was weak and scrawny and couldn't do a pushup to save my life. I did attend Boy Scout meetings once in a while but found I didn’t have what it takes to complete the program so I dropped out.
As an adult I joined the military and remained scrawny.
Sometime after the military the pounds found their way to my body. I didn’t see it coming, but should have known after years of sitting on my butt drinking beer and eating pork skins. During the time of gaining weight I tried martial arts, but wasn’t that good. I think I was able to get one medal (3[SUP]rd[/SUP] Place) at a tournament but that is about it.
I realized something needed to change so I did P90X, but that was no better than Richards Simmons work outs and I saw no results.
Then everything changed when I found out about kettle bells. My kettle bell workouts are less than 20mins per day about 4 times per week. Within 8 months I was able to reverse 15 years of beer and pork skins and can actually see my toes while standing. I now have a six pack and my body fat must be close to 10%. My chest sticks out farther than my stomach. And the best part about all these new changes to my body is I am still able to drink beer and eat pork skins.
Kettle bells have changed my life so much for the better I find myself telling any person that is willing to listen to my story. Once I get enough of my co-workings doing the kettle bell program I will consider holding a boot camp at work.
Kettle bells for life.


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What protocol did you use? What diet did you use? What were your goals and did you achieve them? What do you mean by boot camp? (hint: terminology we do not like here) What are you working on now?

These topics may spark some discussion.:cool:
Basically I want to get some inexperienced co-workers together and start them with some basic compound moves teaching them the proper way to move a kettle bell.
I once looked like a kettle bell and never want that look again and if I can convert other people that look like a kettle bell to a body of awesomeness like mine I can feel good about myself knowing I helped an out of shape person achieve total fitness.


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I applaud your enthuism. From what read on your post may I assume that you are just starting out on kettlebell training? You know its like being on your honeymoon. It all just seems so magical. If you are just beginning kbs best idea is to have an RKC instruct you . Pick a program that teaches BASICS for beginners. You may have allready done the preliminaries. If so good. If not, embarking on a plan where the untrained conduct a bootcamp for other untrained enthuists will FAIL entirely . I mean no disrespect. Just some advise from me - who also made plenty of mistakes on my 5 year kettlebell journey .Be enthusiastic but be methodical and smart about it too...Dennis


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I think my original reply may not have made it so I apologize in advance if I double reply but I'm pretty new to kettlebells myself (5 months) and the results I've gotten already are what I would describe as a life saver. For the greater part of the last 9 year I've had to lay on a heating pad after shoveling any amount of snow. This winter season so far so good. The best snow could do is give me a case of DOMS but I was right back to working out the very next day. Great work!!
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