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Kimbo vs. Tyson


New member
Don't underestimate Tyson, I'm sure he still hits like a mac truck.....And imagine him hitting you with those little gloves!
Tyson is past his prime and if you guys have seen any pictures of tyson lately ....you would know that he is done. He's put on a considerable amount of weight! As far as Kimbo....well..kimbo hits HARD!!! He is definitely a power puncher... Thats what he's known for. Kimbo is always being fed Tomato cans. He is set to fight James Thompson in the next XC show. James Thompson stands with Kimbo it's over...this may even be a work. Kimbo can definitely take anyone out with one of those power bomb punches though...there are talks that they want to have him fight TITO ORTIZ after his UFC contract is over after this next UFC this coming saturday against Lyoto Machida.

Enough rant...Kimbo Vs. Tyson.....I'd say kimbo!
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