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kjkraft3...what do you think of these 2 Wing Chun students of Yip Man?


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kjkraft3...check out this link and read about Wong sheung leun, Wong Long, Wong Chock

After you read about Yip Man there are more links at the bottom of the page that take you to the next page and talk about Wong Long, Wong Chock, and Yeung Tin Yau(Robert Yeung). Tell me what you think^_^

“Yeung established himself as a skilled and aggressive fighter. His unyielding and forward charging ability earned him the Wing Chun name Yeung Biu ("Biu" is a special Chinese name for Tiger).” Robert Yeung visited the late Grandmaster Yip Man and received Yip Man's approval to open his own school and teach students. Robert Yeung moved from Honk Kong 2 years later and opened his first Wing Chun school in 1971 in Hawaii, and has been teaching Wing Chun here in Hawaii ever since.

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