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Last three days training....


New member
Sun 25th
Bent press 24kg 2 x 1
32kg 4 x 1

Mon 26th
w/mill 32kg x 5
f/squat 32's 3 x 5
w/mill 32kg x 5

m/p 24kg 5 l&r
32kg 5;4;5 l&r
L/C 32's 12;10;8
w/mill 32kg x 5

Im going to work on my Bent Press technique more. Fun lift but form needs a lot of practice.
Havent done front squats or L/c for a while so it feels great to be doing them again.
Im trying to put all that I learnt at RKC into practice and although I feel a lot more knowlegable it will take sometime to get it to my body!Step by step! thanks for reading Ken


New member
thanks Mike here it is...

yobokuken@mindspring.com I really appreciate that! hope that your training is going well! thanks again Ken
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