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Loaded Carry Soreness


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I did loaded Carries for the first time yesterday with two 20 kg bells. I did farmers and rack carry. I seem to be having soreness in my levator scapule muscle. Is this normal for loaded Carries? Could this be called from not packing the shoulders and neck properly while carrying?
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You did this for the First time. Expect some muscle soreness. Rest a few days. Do it again but with either lighter weight or less time carrying. Examine your technique for flaws. You are exploring at this point. Anytime you perform an exercise for the first time do it with light weight. I found this out the hard way when I did windmills for the first time a few years ago and tweaked my back. Pack the shoulder and support the weight with the lats. Gripping hard the handles helps the lats to do some work...Dennis


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I don't do them alot. On occassion I do them for variety. I feel it in the lats and the grip - especially with an oly-bar. Make sure that you have no bend in the elbow when doing them. Bending the elbow may cause you to shrug with the shoulder and to lose the shoulder pack..Dennis


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I do heavy loaded carries (for me), of about 80kg (total, not per hand) a few times per month on variety days. This is farmers walks usually with KBs. I also do sandbag walks.

I find that a heavy weight really tells me when my technique is off instantly.

I find that I need to really pull my shoulders down really make my chest proud (like a hook under my sternum pulling it up) and walk with a tall posture. If everything is not in alignment upright I feel it straight away.

When I am in good posture, I feel it mainly in my lats, and as the set goes on in my grip! I feel,it a bit in my traps, but not much - the more I concentrate on getting the carry into the lats the less I feel,it in my traps.

As it is variety day I take it easy and have never felt soreness the next day anywhere. I do three sets of about 50 metres, basically just before grip fails - so grip is my limiting factor at the weight I am doing rather than maybe something else, maybe why I don't get soreness.


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The bells want to pull your scapulae down. If you're doing it right, you'll be keeping good posture and preventing this - thus working the muscles that upwardly rotate and elevate the scapulae, even if you're not going into elevation and upward rotation. Soreness in the traps and possibly levator scapulae is fine.
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