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Long with a few questions trying to get a discussion going.


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I am still very new to kettlebells, though I have worked out off and on over the years; had I found the information here on Dragon Door when I was younger I probably would have stuck with it longer. However, time being what it is, that is neither here nor there. Right now I am having a blast with the kettlebells.

Without being too longwinded here are a couple of questions:

1. I have been keeping a log, this is one thing that people consistently reiterate. Another thing is planning my workouts and having goals, again both common suggestions and I think valid ones. So I workout with my kettlebells 4-7 days a week paying attention to what Pavel says in the video. Somedays my workouts are for 10 minutes, others 45.

What do you all do when you still feel like picking up the kettlebell after working out? I have days where I workout in the morning, and yet at some point during the day I want to pick it up and do a set or two, of anything.

Any thoughts?

2. My goal at the moment is to get RKC within the year. This I think is a reasonable goal, but what should I look for as far as progress. Should I every 3 weeks max out in snatches, per se? I guess, other than feeling better about the exercise what should I look for?

3. In several of Pavel's books he mentions only working out for 45 minutes tops due to the production of testosterone in the body. Is this 45 minutes for the day? Or if I do 45 minutes in the morning could I do another 45 minutes a couple hours later? I am not conditioned for this type of activity level but am more curious about this on a physiological level.

Just trying to get some discussion going. Thanks for any input and any tips on getting the RKC would be greatly appreciated.
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