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Looking for Cutting Advice


New member
So I want to cut about 10lbs or so while maintaining as much muscle as possible.

Am I on the right track as to simply cutting calories, primarily from carbs and do some low intensity cardio or HIIT?

Is there any other nutritional, workout, supplement tips or advice you have for me. I have never done a real cut before.



New member
Yes I would say cutting calories from carbs will work. Obviously. Cut out bread, pasta, beer and all "bad food". My guess is you know what the bad food is. Vegetables and lots of water are your friends. I like the Warrior Diet as an Intermittent Fasting eating plan - but this is more of a long term program and may not suit you. Ten pounds should drop off fast. Thats not too much to ask for. The OPRAH did it MANY times. Can be done in 4-6 weeks easy. Do a detox. Drink lots of water. Walk 30 min per day or a light jog. You could lose some muscle but if done right most weight loss will be fat. Cutting and bulking. Back and forth. Eat beef, fish, chicken, eggs (lean proteins). People get fat for a reason. And maintaining a low percent (<8%) body fat is very difficult and stressful. Thats why (IMHO) body building is is a hard road to walk. I try to eat sensibly without being a total food Nazi. Be consistant. It may help to take pictures every week so that you can see tangible results from week to week. What works for me may not work for you. There are many ways to do this..Dennis


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Thanks so much for the advice. Sounds pretty consistent to what I was thinking.

I agree, its hard to find that balance between eating sensibly and not letting it run your life :(

I want to get a six pack but I still want to be able to go out and enjoy myself.

I like the weekly picture idea. Its all about motivation.

Thanks again!


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I suggest you take a look at the book "bigger, leaner,stronger" with special attention to the diet section particularly talking about cutting. Even though this book is talking about using weights it is almost exactly like C.C. in philosophy . The two books compliment each other . If you or anybody else gets a chance to look at it I would be interested in what anybody else thinks about it. It's progressive weight lifting the same way that C.C. is progressive calesthinics.


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Most people can fit some sort of low-intensity steady state cardio into their daily routine, simply for the massive cardiovascular benefits it brings. But if you’re aiming to be faster, stronger, fitter, and have more endurance, plus want to capitalize on the long-term benefits of increased metabolism, make sure to add in 1-2 HIIT workouts per week as well!
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