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Looking for Swiss Ball exercises...


New member
I realize that most of the time when you order a Swiss Ball, you get some kind of exercise guide... I guess I'm hunting for a "better" source of exercises, perhaps a DVD or book, somebody’s seen. I'm specifically looking for core strength, stability, abdominal, and back strengthening and stretching type exercises.
I'm currently backing off the intensity of my KB and Clubbell workouts for a couple of weeks: I'm a professional drummer and I've had my ass kicked schedule-wise for the last couple of months and I'm just really tired and sore. So I thought I'd stick to Super Joints, KB Swings, some of the milder Clubbell stuff, and stretching as sort of a "recovery phase..." I thought it might be cool to use some Swiss Ball stuff as well...

Any recommendations on material like that would be welcome.

Thanks in advance!


New member
Paul Chek has some good ones.

Check offers a set of 3 tapes (probably on DVD by now) - one oriented more towards casual 'step aerobics' types and two harder-core tapes for strength-and-conditioning types. Worth investigating.

Josh Hillis

New member
If you can find a good one

If you find any good NASM Certified trainer and tell 'em you want a stability routine and they'll show you some really cool stuff in terms of core strength (on the swiss ball) and turning your core muscles into team players with your prime movers. What is really cool about a stablity routine is that by putting your emphasis on taxing the stabilizing muscles, it gives your prime movers a rest. It's a GREAT recovery phase if you're feeling beat up.

Or, if you don't find any trainers you like, getting the NASM Certification materials are a great addition to your fitness liabrary, even though it might seem like overkill, it'll pull together everything you've ever learned into a cohesive whole.

PS: One of my favorite things in the world are dumbbell presses on a swiss ball.

Josh Hillis RKC
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