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Loss of a loved one


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Yesterday my bro-in-law ( 57 yrs old) passed away in his home surrounded by all the family. He was dearly loved. He died of esphophical/colon (sp?) cancer and hung on for 2.5 years. I will also say that he was a very physically fit guy ( 30 years US Navy/Navy Diver ) and as his strength left his body due to sickness it really hit home how precious a gift that strength and health is to all of us. In the last few weeks he could not walk without the aid a walker and even that difficult. Except for few people - such as most of us on the forum - strength developement is largly taken for granted, or not even thought of as really important. My bro-in-law loved BW training. He could outdo me in pushups and situps. But I was better in pullups..hehe! Watching is strength deteriorate daily was especially saddening. He could not take in food through the mouth and his weight dropped to about 100lbs. I am abit emotional now and saddness hangs heavy over the house. But I just want to get it out there to anyone who listens that my bro-in-law was a great guy, great father, husband, brother and son - and he loved his God, country, and Navy. God Bless You Dave!...Dennis


Ditto all that. Sorry for your loss & I have seen what you mean about strength. There's a few people that I know that were quite fit & capable and you can see how it hits them to not be anymore. Sure, they can still do things & have some ability left- but injuries or ailments taking a chop out of them is a something that really catches your attention.


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This whole week I have been occuppied with consoling my sister and other family members. I plan on beginning training again on monday. Thanks all for the kind words..Dennis
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