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Mike Hanley, any chance you could send me ...

Mike Hanley

New member
If I were to give you 5mb it would not show the entire lift. Unless you know how to manipulate the sizes on computer I cannot do that. Most videos I film are 8-10mb. I have videos of all PTTP team members and also have video of me at TSC and a bunch of pics. Let me know what you want. BTW, did you get the photos I sent you. I never heard back from you.

Mike Hanley

New member
Yes, got the photos (replied to that effect below)

Any possibility of changing the video sizes. I will try to speak with some of my computer nerd friends and see what I can do. Hope all is well.
Hey, I'm a nerd and can convert your video in short order.
I can make many different formats and sizes.
If you want, just send me the video(but must be less than 10 meg, or I can setup an FTP location for you) and I'll send it back to you by the end of the day.
Send to alex#ander-a#@comcast.net, use that email but take out the two # signs.

I'll also be attending the April RKC. Not too bad for a nerd.

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