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Mike Mahler? fat Loss


New member
Need to lose twenty pounds.46 years old F/F.5'11 230.
Nutrition under control. Longtime lifter.
Have 20k,16k,14k KBS. Confused about sets reps and rest.
example Should I Just do high rep snatchs.

bill fox

New member
What exactly does ....

"nutrition under control" mean in the context of being 20lbs heavy. Sounds like nutrtion not under control. Remember, there is no such thing as a magic weight loss workout.
What Bill said and

Check out the HOC programs on my site to get going. A guy at my seminar stated that he lost 30lbs on the program. That is not an uncommon result. Regardless without proper nutrition your results will be super slow. Get both in check and you are all set.

Mike Mahler http://www.mikemahler.com


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Don't focus on "calories out" when losing weight. Very inefficient. You can eat 1000 calories in minutes. It can take hours to burn the same amount.

If you have too much under the belt, you have TOO MUCH on the plate - period. All metabolic processes are secondary to a caloric deficit when it comes to weight loss. You should lose weight without working out if you are eating for weight loss. Working out should only act as an accelerant.


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