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Mike Mahler's New DVD Aggressive Strength


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I just received a copy of Mike Mahler's new DVD Aggressive Strength. Mike has done an outstanding job with this instructional DVD. While I am a beginner to kettlebell training and clubbell training, Mike's program does an excellent job providing fundamental instruction in the proper execution of core exercises. His tips and insight provide the difference bewteen experimenting and discovery and getting right down to business.This DVD will see some extensive use and will be a cornerstone in my library of instructional videos. I would recommend picking up a copy.
Thanks a lot and he

is referring to my new DVD, The Kettlebell Solution for Size and Strength. Click below for more info: http://www.mikemahler.com/store/size_DVD.htm


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Agreed! Great DVD. And on a cinematic note:

Got mine today, watched half of it. EXCELLENT! I agree with W8dog, and have allready learned so much technique. I was doing Front Squat all wrong, among other things... ;)

On a cinematic note...

The scenery was great! For the first 15 minutes, I kept having to rewind, as I found I was enjoying the surf and sky too much. "Now what was Mike saying?" hehe!

Starting from the left side of the screen, near Mike, and extending diagonally to the right and towards the shoreline, runs a set of (jeep?) tracks. This is a classic and very effective method to give the scene a great sense of depth. Without this, the scene would've seemed much more 2 dimensional (Mike in front, surf in back). The tracks connect the 2 visual elements.

If your sound system has a sub-woofer, your ears will be treated to 2 things. 1. The powerful and steady roar of the surf. At first this was a bit distracting, I quickly found I really enjoyed it. Felt like I was there.
2. And the wonderful "BOOMPH!" when Mike drops both KB's into the sand. I even contemplated building my own 'sandbox' in the backyard so I could enjoy both the Boomph and the unique workout surface.

Thanks again Mike! Money very well spent!
- Stephen
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