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Military Press vs. Weighted Dips


New member
I would like to hear everybody's opinion and experiences, and advantages and disadvantages for the miltiary press and weighted dips.

I really like both exercises, but I'm not sure which one will really give me better over all strength. I have done 2 cycles with military press, and so far my 5 Repetition Max. is 55 lbs. Right now I'm resting, so I have until Friday to decide.

All opinions are welcome. If anybody has a good way to include both exercises in separate sessions, I would also like to hear it. But this is the way I see it, if I do 10-12 workout session of each, I would be giving myself too much rest. Pavel only recommends a week rest, and I would be giving myself up to a 2 1/2 rest.

Thanks comrades.

Karen I.


New member
They're both good and I would try to incorporate both. Dips utilize more muscle mass, they're the Squat of the upper body, see Marvin Eders. MP are harder to perform, I feel, and the harder something is, it's usually more effective. But they're two different moves in different grooves. My dips haven't helped my military's and visa versa. Either work them on different days or use them in different cycles.


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Com. Dano How do you suppose I do that?

I don't see how they compliment each other. If I do both I think I will be overtraining my shoulders. Since the dips also work the shoulder muscles.

I thought about changing cycles, but it will be too much rest in between cycles (2 1/2 weeks of rest), so I've given up on that idea.

Since Im doing the original PTP protocol of training for 4-5 times a week of the same exercise I don't see how I can do different day, both will have a bad effect since they will be getting more than enough rest.


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Here is an Idea...

1st 2 1/2 weeks do:
PTP DL or Squat
PTP Mil Press
Dips 2 sets x 5 reps with no increase in weight (stick with 50%-65% max)

next 2 1/2 weeks do:
PTP DL or Squat
PTP Dips
Mil Press 2 sets x 5 reps with no increase in weight (stick with 50%-65% max)

This keeps the excercise is use so, there is no relearning curve.

Just an Idea. There are many others.

2-5 excercises of 2-5 sets of 2-5 reps 2-5 times per week rule. Less excersies are better in my opinion and I think 3 is pretty optimal. But then you have Steve Justa who likes to do about 20 differnet lifts. Just goes to show you there are many ways to get strong.


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I personally think dips are one of the best all around arm developers. I used to do these with weights for the triceps and felt more powerful for all movements in sports and martial artists. I always experience pain at some point in time with military presses in my left shoulder.Some people dips hurt them. I think its more of a preference and understanding of your own body. I would try them both on seperate days and always work up in weight on the dips. Take care.
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