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Military update :) !!!!


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Well, a friend of mine is a doc for the northern CA MEPS. He says that my progress is pretty good and that it is becoming very possible for me to get back in the ARMY!!!
My BP is lower, now 125/82 from 160/93, he would like me though to drop an additional 15 LBS, ugghh lol . I tipped the scale at roughly 235, but my BF% has gone way down from my start point.
Just keep pluggin along to beat the SEPT 1st age cut off :).. thanks all for the advice and tips!!! Also Iwould like to point out what a class act Mike Mahler is along with Pavel. Through email and such havve gone above and beyond!
thanks again all...


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Re: Congradulations!....

Well a modifed Warrior diet, with a bit more protein durring the day.
training wise a tabata like cycle routine and running {unaviodable}.
Swings , snatches , floor press ect. and GTG with my PT.
the whole thing has evolved and changed over the months as I get new info and input.
Since I cut way down on carbs weight dropped faster and Blood pressure dropped also.
After my cycle cciden I was a mess, and because of alot of good people here plus Pavels
books and tapes I am getting back to my old self, just takes time.
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