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Minimalism and Convict Conditioning


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Nice little article. Personally I embraced a minimalist principle the last few months with my workouts. I would do wind sprints, or I would run 1 min on 1 min off for 10 minutes. Then I would finish with jump rope for 45 sec on the minute for 5-10 min depending on how much gas I had left. Doing this while dieting I lost 33 lbs in 14 weeks and got in good enough condition to take my black belt test at the kung fu school I go to. I did forms for 30 minutes straight at full speed and then after a short break spared 17 people for about 35 minutes total of sparing. I am now in the best condition of my life from cutting everything that wasn't simple, intense, and quick from my workouts. So I have to agree that minimalism rocks.
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