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minimalistc strength routnie for martial arts


New member
Are there good routnies that build good solid strength but dont takes hours a week?
I have tried a sort off nay seal workout and in the beginning its okay because you start with low reps, but if you advantage you have to do lott off reps so it takes longer.
My martial arts training is quit demanding so its alreday hard to train the day after.
I like to train with barbells and kettlebells to. I think these are great to incoperate these into a routine with bodyweight but I dont know how to do it.
I read that the big three is great for building strength but is it enough and if so, how could such a routine look like?
I dont train for competetion but for real self defense so I think beiing in shape and strong is maybay even more important but as I said, I dont have hours a dy to train next to my martial arts training.
I have read somewere that Pavel say to just train 2 times a week with only 2 exercises, the bench and the deadlift one day, and the squat and the bench the other day. Would this be a good routine? Because I read other post from Pavel wereby he has a whole other kind off routines.

Any help would be welcome, espacillay how to structure it with kettlebells, bodyweight and barbells/dumbells.
O, I forgot, I have to run to 2 times a week.
So any help with structureing a good routine would be great. I am in a reanable shape but as I said, I realy want to get stronger and more compound.

Rich in Nor Cal

New member
Pullups, pushups, kb snatches, bridges if you aren't already doing them. Add weight or use CC variations to increase intensity of bodyweight movements if necessary. I'd recommend going very easy on leg/hip exercises like deads or squats, since you are already doing a lot of leg stuff. I think snatches would be enough for that area.

But you have to take it slow and easy and be patient, or else your strength work will diminish your skill work. One good workout a week should be enough.


New member

Have one more question, I cannot do the TGU's because off my knee. I have had surregery already but still cant bend the leg witch is neccasary for the tgu.
Is there another exercises with I can use for my abdominals?

Chris Hansen

New member
For the abs, depending on your level of strength and how straight your knee must be: There are hanging leg raises, lying leg raises, v-ups, L-sits, dragon flag. Simply holding the gymnastics hollow position can be challenging. A quick google search should find any of these.
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