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More Cycling Information


New member
I am interested in reading more about the different cycling methods and schedules written about in PTP. Does anyone know where i can find more information on such topics either written by Pavel Tsatsouline or anyone else as knowledgeable? Any help would be extremely appreciated. Thank you.

Steve Freides

New member
You're really best off just trying things out yourself. I, for instance, got into a 3x/week routine where I'd cycle a month at a time - each month I'd gradually increase the weight then take the first few days of the next month off.

Your imagination is the only limitation.



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try testosterone.net and do a search on linear periodization, wave periodization, or the conjugate method of periodization. Also, Mel Siff's Supertraining is a good bible for strength in sports and gives you a lot of insight from a researchers point of view and physiological point of view. Here is another example of a soviet peaking program: http://www.healthy.net/hwlibraryarticles/abdo/peaking.asp
Also, some comrades have mentioned this site:
http://www.purepowermag.com (there is some excellent sample articles..and I even think I will definetly begin suscribing to it.
Finally type in "periodization" or "weightlifting cycling" in the google search engine www.google.com.
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