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My 9yr old's progress


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Just wanted to share this with you all. My son has been occassionaly working on doing one-legged squats. I have given him the checklist from Naked Warrior to repeat as a mantra while he does this.Yesterday, he knocked one pistol off, clean butt-to-ankle, on either leg. Needless to say, he wants to knock off 10 in a row next and I have told him to GTG his way to it.

He has also been on Coach Reeve's density training for pullups. (goal of 10 pullups) and has made good progress.

Naked Warrior, KB's, related info from the forum have all done a lot for me and it looks like there is enough material here for even kids to benefit from without fear of injury. What's really good is the fact that, this has reduced video-game/TV time considerably from his schedule. And that is something most parents will welcome whole-heartedly.


Michael Kinnett

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Similar experience..

My 9 year-old nephew used to watch me work-out often.. he always watched, but never asked to try anything..

the day he finally did, he did 4 unassisted chin-ups, not pull-ups, and couldn't do a pistol..

I kept trying to teach him how to concentrate on making the pistol a fluid motion down, not like a fall.. when he finally got it, he could do 6 on either side.. i was blown away..

although genetically, he is similar to me, tall and lanky, he has great genetics for being a natural athlete.. he can swing, throw, catch, or even hit a golf ball with any club.. the versatility is killing me.. He's starting Kung Fu next month :)

I'll possibly try to help him make some goals, like your son's, see what he can work up to.. One big piece of advice Steve Maxwell gave me was, don't let him get burned out and don't force it on him.. Best advice yet.


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Kids and pistols ...

I've got two boys, 6 and 8. The first time they saw me feebly attempting pistols, they decided to try one (I had to show them a picture as they weren't certain what I was trying to do :). Both of them could do rock bottom pistols with either leg, on their first attempt. They think I am a total klutz ...
Same experience

It took me several weeks to work up to honest rock bottom pistols.

My 14 y.o. son (who is not an athlete) gave me a wiseass "what's the big deal" look and did them right and left, first try.

Proves they have much more to do with balance, flexibility and body mastery (moving as a whole), than strength. Ever seen a toddler effortlessly stand up from sitting cross-legged, Indian style, without using his hands?

- Charles
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