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Need help in setting DL goals for a newbie


New member
I started with PTP last fall and raised my DL 5rm from ~180 to 235. I just started a bear cycle that should end in 3 weeks with a 245x5. I weigh about 150, maybe a little above that after weekends. Aside from running, I haven't been doing much else besides DL/SP except for pullups and ab work.

My question: I'd like to get my 5rm to 300 by Sept. 1 (my 39th birthday.....really!) - is that a reasonable goal? Too much? Too wimpy? Is 2x bodyweight decent?

Brad F.

New member
Very reasonable...

... but after a bear cycle 150 shouldnt be your body weight any more. he he he



New member
Re: Very reasonable...

Very good point. I haven't seen a weight change yet, but my food intake is starting to scare my wife.

Jimmy Todd

New member
Re: Just remember this

High volume DL sucks. ;-)

300 by Sept 1st? Very doable. Probably more.

When you get sick of Bear look at RSR for the DL. People have had lots of success with that program.

I wish I had your problem of gaining weight.

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