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Need help to answer funny questions concerning using KB-style training with other equ

Jonathan Boey

New member
I have received some rather funny email questions from people concerning use of KB-style training with other equipment. Some have already been addressed in PTP, but I need answers from a KB perspective.


The main issue here is callouses. Men and women want the benefits of KB- style training without the callouses. I told them why gloves are no good. They say they want to be tough without hurting their hands. I don't know what to say...


I advised them not to look in the mirror. They get a real kick out of looking at themselves swing or press. I said focus on the drills. Why, we are getting stronger aren't we? Well yes, but...I don't know what to say.


Why are my swings so shaky? Go barefoot. The gym doesn't allow. Alright, outside on the ground then. The ground is dirty. You'll unbalance yourselves trying to swing on those shoes. Why, the shoes are supposed to stabilise your feet right? Gave them PTP answer. Nah, the shoes actually make it easier to do swings! Take them off and try! I have, and I feel that shoes are better! Speechless...

Heart Rate Monitor:

Can I swing with my HRM to get a really good workout? I don't know what to say...

Knee Pads, Knee Guards, Helmet:

Can I swing with knee pads? In case the bell smashes them? Those overheads look dangerous, can I wear a helmet? Well yes I suppose...I don't know what to say.

I'm not a philistine who is going to insist on you can't do this, you can't do that. But if I give a flat no, I may risk turning them away from the benefits of KB training. On the other hand, if I say yes, I think they'll tell others it's ok to do such things, and well, can you imagine someone wearing helmets, gloves, knee pads, thick shoes, a HRM doing swings in front of a mirror? Yeah I'm exaggerating, but if I'm going to train people online and in real life I would like some opinions on how to advise them without pissing them off. I really don't want to see someone who insists on wearing thick shoes complain that his swings are not improving class after class (and blame me for it).

Jonathan Boey

New member
Thanks very much Steve. So....

it's perfectly alright to teach KB training according to the way people prefer it without de-emphasizing proper form and technique? (By "people" I mean the "softer" ones who wish to learn. Yeah, we don't have to care about the "harder" ones.)

Is there a point where I should tell them to do something less gruelling instead of carrying on half-baked so to speak? (Yeah yeah, KBs are really good stuff, but maybe you're just not right for it yet...?)

Lisa Shaffer

New member
I understand your pain.

I've been posting on a female fitness board and know exactly what you are talking about.. I personally don't understand the mentality but Steve Maxwell explained it best.

When I talk about KB workouts to people who are soft (physically and mentally) I explain to them that this type of workout will get you the results you have always wanted BUT, it's a hard workout. I also tell them that although it's a hard workout it doesn't take much time. So, give it all you've got for 20-30 minutes.

I say, who cares if they wear gloves or the wrong shoes. They will learn. Some people just have to learn the hard way. Ease them into the overhead lifts. I start women off with swings, MP, one arm dl, lunges, front squats, one leg dl, one arm rows... and then TGU's to get them used to having the KB overhead.

I also tell them to think of the KB workout as practice. They need to practice the lifts to get the technique down before totally concentrating on working out.

Sorry for the long post. These are just a few things that I've started to see work.


Rob Lawrence

New member
All that, plus this

You must be "matter of fact" about everything you demonstrate. Don't talk about anything being difficult and don't overburden people with explanations. You can get anyone to do just about any exercise if you talk, act, and otherwise convey that they should be able to do it. This doesn't mean saying "You can do it," it means saying "Do it" or simply getting them to do it before they have even realized what happened. The more you build up the difficulty of something you are about to teach, the more mental barriers the trainee will have.



New member
In only two minutes a day with no sweat...

People can make their on choices:

Gloves - use your best judgement. I guess use them if you must

Mirrors - same as with gloves.

Shoes - same as with the gloves. There is not an exercise I do with shoes or gloves. When Tony Blauer coined that term "Naked Warrior" it meant something to me...

Heart rate monitor - I use mine sometimes. Its weird, I'll be snatching and feel like things in my chest are about to give out and with the monitor I'll be at 90% and keep swinging knowing I have 10% to go. Also the HRM helps me follow Pirie's rules (from Gerschler's rules) for intervals.

Knee Pads, Knee Guards, Helmet - Are you serious? I really do not think a knee pad is going to be much good against even a small kettlebell. If someone is that out of control use a lighter bell.

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