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NEED WD HELP -- Rumi and all others


New member
Hi everyone:

I over the past two weeks I've been playing with my new 1 pood. It's a lot of fun. Right now I am mostly doing snatches according to Coach Reeve's density protocol, to reach 30 snatches in a row. After a few workouts I am at 9 sets of 7. I am doing it mostly by feel; if the workout felt too hard, I'll try it again, if it's easy, just condense further.

Combining that with the Warrior Diet, I lost 5 pounds last week. However, this week, my diet seems to have backfired a little. Instead of feeling mildly hungry and more alert during the day and more awake after dinner, I am now feeling confused and tired, hungry, and sometimes even sleepy, and am falling asleep earlier, a few hours after dinner, not the 5-7 hours I was before (I typically get up between 730-830, eat dinner around six, and try to go to bed around 12-1)

Basically during the day I just had green tea, sometimes with or without honey or sugar, a small glass of juice, or in a real "emergency" a small hard candy just to wake me up. I drink lots of water (how do you avoid spending so much time in the bathroom, I feel for the last few days all the time I saved by not eating during the day I am spending pissing in the bathroom.)

I just go the new Warrior newsletter from Dragondoor, and I am confused by Ori's advice, as follows:

"If you are hungry or light-headed, eat small amounts of lean protein such as poached or boiled eggs, light cheese or yogurt. Proteins eaten alone
(on an empty stomach) can pick up your neurotransmitters, such as dopamine and acetylcholine."
"Minimize your eating during the day to mostly live raw fruits and veggies and their juices. This will help you detoxify and nourish your brain with essential nutrients and antioxidants to protect your brain from daily free radicals assaults."

These two advices seem to contradict one another. I was thinking some small servings of protein tuna or yogurt during the day might help. I also noticed on many of the online guides to this diet (I don't have the book). Im them, they are supplementing all day with neurotransmitter formulas or amino acids. I don't do that; I don't have the cash to spend on a lot of supplements. I am just really worried about my mental clarity, because if I lose that in school, I am sunk.

Anyone have any ideas?


Com. Joey


New member
hahahaHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!!!!!!

[I drink lots of water (how do you avoid spending so much time in the bathroom, I feel for the last few days all the time I saved by not eating during the day I am spending pissing in the bathroom.) ]

That's funnier than hell, I never thought of it before but it's true! You are the common sence messiah of the forum, no one shall challenge you.

About your "feewings" (Kentuky Fried Movie), it could be a reaction to not eating enough, not eating enough protein, not getting enough sleep or a NATURAL reaction of starting KB training because exactly the same thing happened to me when I started KB's, they literally kicked my ass for a while. Of course you started a new diet at the same time as a new (and harder) type of workout.

About the contradiction- if you can't do one (just fruits and veggies) then do the other where you add the natural protein sources, that's all. That's just an order of trying them out. I think it was on the Tmag site where Ori said sometimes when he gets hungry in the day he eats a whole chicken. To me that sounds like everyday is going to be different. There's nothing wrong with eating protein during the day everyday OR not doing that- seems to me that will depend on how active you were the day before AND that day. The point is no carbs till the end and to eat in the amounts that you really want depending on how you feel but almost everyday I'm gordging myself and I almost always crave fruit and protein more than anything else. They're my saviours, fruit and protein.

I would ditch the sugar though.

Hefty Smurf

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Try tracing the calories. You said that the first week you lost five pounds. That means you probably lost five pounds of fat because you were burning more calories than you consumed. If you maintain that same activity level, don't increase your caloric intake, and don't have anymore fat stores to burn, your body is going to be fatigued. I would think simply consuming more calories or decreasing your activity level should do the trick. Try to keep in mind that you have eight hours to eat after you work out. It's hard at first, but you learn to eat more in that time.

Hope this helps


New member

Do yourself a favor; do what I did today. Go to Carnegie's Deli and order a brisket with chopped chicken liver on rye and a Dr. Brown's cream soda. Forget about the WD. Just eat sensibly.


BTW I only ate half the sandwich. Eating the entire sandwich would be gluttony.


New member
My Conclusion about the WD for me

After thinking about it, I think Andy68's advice is best. I'm ditching the one meal a day thing, it doesn't seem to be working anymore, and I feel worse than before I started the diet. So this is what I will do:

Very light or no breakfast, if I have one it will be eggs or dairy with fruit, maybe a bowl of soup, and green tea
small lunch - protein, maybe soup, fruit, veggies
normal dinner
snack(s) later - fruit, veggie, boiled egg, fish, etc

and I will follow Ori's advice in general: no large meals during the day, use mostly protein and fruits or veggies during the day (are beans ok? - still not sure if they are carb or protein, mostly)
and a normal dinner, following the WD format, veggies then protein then carbs. In general I will try to lay off the rice, pasta and potatoes, and stick to whole grains for my complex carbs, like barley, whole wheat, kasha, oatmeal, whole grain cereal, etc. Maybe substitute some beans for them instead as well, like chick peas, kidney beans, etc -- anything with a low GI. Ditch the sugar and honey too. And of course plenty of water.

With this, food should be easy to prepare, and as my kettlebell workouts get to the point where I can handle a higher workload as I progress, bodyfat should reduce.

I still would like to thank Mike Mahler for his help, he answered a lot of my questions at the beginning and was very helpful. However, it may just be that this diet isn't for me. If anything, it taught me not to let food run my life, or just to eat everything in front of me. Also, it may have helped me deal with my carb cravings -- when I get ravenous, the first thing I think of is a big bowl of pasta, but I don't think that is a problem anymore.

I may do a water or juice fast once in a while to clean out my system, but I think this is it with me for now on the WD. However, this is not to say it doesn't work, I just don't think it is for me.

Thanks to you all. The "Great Experiment" is over, and the findings will be utilized.

Com. Joey


New member
Com Joey, I would ditch any formal use of the 'Warrior Diet' and simplify it to grazing on healthy food throughout the day. Plan to eat 6-7 small meals (snacks consisting of 3 oz of tuna, roast chicken, cottage cheese,
etc, adding a handful of hard green veggies or fresh berries if needed. Carry a thermos of strong green tea with you if it agrees with you - 'bitter' as a flavor tends to stimulate digestion and mental clarity, and green tea is very refreshing. Then eat as much as you care to (not any more) in the evening for your main meal. It all depends on learning to distinguish between habit/appetite and true hunger. I imagine when Ori eats an entire roast chicken, or whatever, it's because he knows his own reactions to food and his own needs and appetites extremely well.

I admire Ori for his originality and highly idiosyncratic thought, but he makes a simple powerful idea much more complex than it needs to be. I smell the aroma of marketing necessity - if he doesn't keep adding new kinks and twists and interpretations to his basic idea, his customers and clients will grow bored and move onto the 'next big thing'.

Just learn to distinguish between habit/appetite and true hunger and
discipline yourself to only eat enough healthy food to keep your energy
up and your head clear and you'll be fine. Especially if you are hoisting them kettlebells on a regular basis!


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1/2 of a sandwich from Carnegie's will stuff a grown man. A whole sandwich is enough for three men!

They're HUGH!!!!!!!!!
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