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New Blog Post: When I began kettlebell class


New member

How were u able to get the swing right??..did u practice on your own outside of the class you took??


New member
Mark - great stuff as always! I was going to write a bit later today about how to get ready for HKC/ RKC and that adds to it. Do you mind if I link to it?

Mark Snow RKC

New member

I did do some work on hip hinging and deadlifting on the side but it was mostly alot of drills and patience by the Irontamer to get it through my thick skull what I was doing wrong. Then I finally had my AHA moment and figured it out at the end of class.

Mark Snow RKC

New member

Thank you very much. I would be honored to have you link your article to mine. Please do and I look forward to reading it!
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