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New RKC Blog Post: How To Burn Fat With Kettlebell Swings


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How To Burn Fat With Kettlebell Swings
January 27, 2021 By Ryan Jankowitz, RKC-II

If you work out with kettlebells, then you’re probably doing swings… lots of swings.

The kettlebell swing sets the foundation for learning more advanced movements and is a simple way to increase your strength and conditioning.

You may have gotten into kettlebells because you want to get stronger, improve your athletic performance or lose weight. Whatever your goal may be the Kettlebell Swing can help get you there.

Today, I want to talk about how the Hardstyle kettlebell swing can be used to help you burn fat.

Studies have shown that interval training is highly effective for weight loss. Alternating between brief periods of intense exercise and rest/relief is an effective way to burn a lot of calories and increase your stamina.

Using the Hardstyle swing for your intense exercise is a no-brainer because of...Read Full Post: https://rkcblog.dragondoor.com/how-to-burn-fat-with-kettlebell-swings/
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