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New Year's Resolution Fitness Goals.....Over-rated? Or just to complicated.


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As an employee at a mega fitness chain, and a member of the US Military Reserve. I see it all. People making Fitness Resolutions, which go by the wayside within 48 hours. I'm wondering.....do people set the bar to high with unrealistic goals? Or do we just complicate things so much that we are utterly lost with our goals?

Here are mine for the new year

complete the
-UST( ULTIMATE SNATCH TEST) X210 REPS ( After watching Phillip Davis snatch the 32kg 208 times in 10 minutes....I was..well lets say, inspired to achieve such a feat)
I like unrealistic goals because its about the journey, not just the destination. I may never achieve a 3.5 x BW deadlift, but imagine how strong I will get trying to get there.
On the flip side unrealistic goals could dishearten some people and cause them to stop trying.
These are my New Years Goals at 77kg BW, all these will be hit within 6 months apart from the pistol:
- 40kg KB press
- 48kg pull up
- 24kg pistol
- 48kg TGU
- 192.5kg deadlift (a goal from last year that I didn't hit)
- tear a deck of cards in under 20s

I have other goals but these will change depending on what sort of training I want to do at the time


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Maybe it's more about "too much, too fast"?

It's easy to maintain a new activity in the early stages of a NY resolution, however, to maintain a new activity until a habit forms takes time effort and dedication. Having a new "habit" that is intensive and demanding is too much to maintain for most people to the point of becoming a habit.

IMHO, if one really wants to do something, why wait for the new year to make a resolution? The best approach is to haul butt and get something done tomorrow. Keep at it with dedication and eventually a habit will form, and a one achieves a goal.

Moses Correa

New member
The best advice that I can give to someone is to work on one goal at a time. Research shows that if you do that you have 90% success rate. If you attempt to do two 30%, if you want to do three or more, 0%
Maybe this is the reason why so many fail at New Year resolutions!
so if it is a better score on the ssst do that and then move onto the ultimate. I can't wait to hear about your success!


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Why let Jan 1st be the day in which you become resolute in starting a goal? Dec 27th is just as good. The fact that you hold off on being resolute and commited until Jan 1st could be a reason you will ultimitely fail. Jan 1st "resolutions" should be renamed Jan 1st "wish" or "wet dream". Now, if you held off until April 1st - you could simply claim that it was all a joke and that you were never really serious about losing 50lbs. Jan 1st resolutions are joke. Recovering alcoholics would never do a Jan 1st resolution to stop drinking. They become resolute and commited when they hit rock bottom even if its July 13th. Deciding to be serious about acheiving goals on NYD is just working toward a failure that just has not happened and demonstrates weak mental toughness imho...Dennis
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