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New York City RKC with Phil Ross, Angelo Gala, discount ends March 7

John Du Cane

Staff member
Dragon Door’s first New York City RKC was one of our most acclaimed ever. So, by popular demand, the dynamic team of Master RKC Phil Ross and RKC Team Leader Angelo Gala are returning to New York in June 2014.
Register by March 7 and save $300.00 on your tuition.
Here’s what candidates at the previous NYC RKC had to say about their experience:
Mike Medrano, New York City, NY, Professional MMA fighter/ personal trainer

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Professional MMA fighter, College football player, College track runner

Like a kid in a toy store. I had so much fun learning new movements and improving what I already practice in my daily routine. Each instructor really hammered away at the fundamentals of each movement, a well as explaining what physical corrections need to be made to improve efficiency. They were considerate and approachable, which helped communication and learning. I had an awesome time.

I am looking to become a better athlete and coach thru all these things I have learned this weekend.

Kirk A'Gard, New York City, NY, Teacher

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: LT. Lifeguard, CrossFitter, 5th Degree Black Belt Vee Arnis Jitsu, Instructor Filipino Martial Arts

I have gained a deeper understanding of kettlebell training through the use of RKC methods. The realization of past kettlebell techniques has become clarified. I have progressions to work from enhancing not only my overall technique, but also my strength and conditioning. The aspect of overall health has become more of an awareness overall. Additionally, I can tell that this certification method can be applied right away in my own training and martial arts practice.

I have taken the Kettlebell Concepts and Crossfit Kettlebell certifications, both of which didn’t have the depth, scope and methods used in this course.

Nick Kenon, New York City, NY, Personal Trainer

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: My training background is body weight, powerlifting and various martial arts styles. some certifications: CPT (aapt), Animal Flow, TRX (all), PCC

Most thorough certification I have ever attended, as well as the most challenging. I was mentally and physically pushed to the limit and had a great time doing it.

Phil Ross showed exceptional enthusiasm and passion while leading the group through the weekend. He obviously had a lot of knowledge both academically and experientially regarding the use of kettlebells. Great energy!

Angelo Gala was extremely knowledgeable as well as passionate about training with kettlebells and his feedback and cueing was very helpful in my development of the techniques.

Top notch. I have always preferred a 3-day certification to a single day. You really get to know your instructors and fellow attendees in a longer course, which for me is one of the most important aspects of any certification.

Maurice Christovale, New York City, NY, Personal Trainer

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Trainer for 10yrs, Boxing background

Phil – “Rock Star” Top notch instructor. Made every penny of $1600 worth while.
Angelo – “Hard Ass” My personal favorite instructor, tones of useful information was given by him, he really encouraged me to be better on every rep.

RKC is by far hands down the best KB cert out. Un-matched in quality.

Amanda Nugent, New York City, NY, Personal Trainer


This certification has been challenging yet rewarding. The attention to detail, precision of movement and integrity in teaching has ben unparalleled. I have learned many new ways that I can be a better student and better teacher.

The delivery of material was well thought out and well paced. The information was presented in a clear, concise manner in a fun context. I felt that everyone was very hands on, very helpful and informed.

The quality of information and practical use was some of the best I have received considering the scope of fitness related workshops, seminars and certs I have participated in.

Frank Karam, New York City, NY, Lawyer

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Attended two prior RKC programs and am presently a certified instructor.

It is like a 3-day retreat where you are challenged to learn about your body and mind using the KB as the tool. At the end both my muscles and brain are both tired, yet energized.

Phil is 1. Unbelievably strong, 2. Great speaker and teacher. 3. Perceptive of what is happening in the group.

Angelo is 1. A masterful all around athlete. 2. Calm but challenging teacher. 3. An encyclopedia of strength and movement knowledge.

Ian Noray, Brooklyn, NY, Project Manager, Facility Management

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Track - Sprinting. Sports - Basketball

When I came here I thought I knew how to perform most of the kettlebell moves… I was so wrong, I had to unlearn everything and coming here taught me all the fundamental moves and techniques of kettlebell training.

The RKC Team Leaders was awesome as they were consistently there to evaluate, critique and correct our techniques. Coach Ross and Coach Gala were a fantastic team both in leading and complementing each other to dynamically address each kettlebell exercise.

What I have learnt in 3 day is amazing, this was worth every penny and so much more.

I can’t say enough about the team assembled here, so knowledgeable and a tremendous resource.

Seana Hart, New Fairfield, CT, Personal Trainer / Fitness Studio Owner

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: EarthFIT Training, Back Pain Relief4Life Training, AFAA certified.

I am very happy with my experience! The coaches all rocked!

Everyone as great, truly! I cannot say enough about the caliber of knowledge, professionalism, and training of all the team! I wish I could attend a training every month (But I would go broke). You are all amazing! I love meeting interesting and positive, knowledgeable people!

No comparison! Other trainings go through the motions every trainer came here with the purpose of training, teaching, sharing and making each one of us successful that was the goal! And it was accomplished for the most. The seriousness taken through the entire process gives RKC the quality in maintains on its website and elsewhere.

Stephanie Miller, New York, NY, Finance / CrossFit Coach


Very thorough and challenging. The staff was beyond professional and demonstrated an amazing understanding of all the movements. I learned so many new things and got amazing workouts!

Phil Ross was incredible. He effectively demonstrated and coached every movement. He was able to help almost everyone in the class individually. The same goes for Angelo Gala, Team Leader. Super patient and knowledgeable. There was nothing that came up that they didn’t have an answer/tip/fix for. A+

Best cert to date. Great amount of activity. Phil and Angelo are the Best!

Jarret Lewis, Pittsburgh PA, Nurse, personal trainer

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Brazilian jiu-jitsu purple belt, 5 years active duty Army

Fantastic! Solid, technical instruction by professionals who walk the talk.

Dan Salazar, Brooklyn, NY, Coach


The experience was amazing. The cert makes sure that coaches who pass can walk their talk.

Jon Roth, Brooklyn, NY, Management Consultant

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Triathlon, running, and cycling racer (nothing special!), ACE Personal Trainer, Spinning Instructor, College Football (1000 years ago!)

The lead instructors were awesome teachers and inspiring athletes. The Instructor team was dialed into improving everyone’s capabilities. I appreciate their focus and all of the corrections and tips they gave me. I enjoyed going through the experience with so many athletes from so many backgrounds and disciplines.

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