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newbie question


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I started with kettlebells 2 weeks ago, after 5 months that I didn't touch them.
I used to do C&P and snatches - so I know how to swing, do the Turkish get up and so on.

My question is this:
For now I am just training my swings and my Turkish get ups with a 35 pound bell.
For how long should I work on these 2 before trying to do C&P and to snatch ?
My routine is twice per week I spend 20 min doing these 2, also I spend 2 days at the gym doing traditional weight training.

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first make sure you are attempting to master the exercises the swing and the getup. a lot of people move past these 2 too quickly. give them at least a month...probably more since you are putting in a lot of other stuff in your training program


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I would start the progression by doing high pulls to work into the snatch. And maybe start doing some clean & slow presses too.


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It sounds like you are trying to do the ETK program? It is highly recommended that you have truely learned the swing and TGU before getting DISTRACTED with other drills. Learn the 2 hand swing, then one hand swing, then high pull and progress to snatches. Since I do not know your kb training history - and I may be wrong on this. But 2 is weeks is a bit of a short time - and you could be spreading yourself out too thin in trying to learn too many things at the same time. . Have an RKC confirm your ability or make corrections if need be. You can practice the C/Ps and MPs at low reps/sets in order to develope technique BUT NOT BEYOND THAT - It is really important to have good swing form in order to do a proper clean...Dennis
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