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Not an RKC, but I have experience with "continuing education."


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Here's my experience: As an attorney, I had to take the bar exam once, but I am required to do "continuing education" credits. How about a similar option for RKCs? Instead of re-certifying by going through the RKC again, give them the option of completing another fitness certification, e.g. USAW, CSCS, or whatever. Of course, if an RKC does not want to branch out, they can always go back to the RKC.

From a business standpoint, I realize that by allowing this option DD would be receive the revenue from the a re-cert participant. However, that space would be open to a new person wishing to do the RKC for the first time. Also, DD could charge a processing fee for those RKCs who take on another cert. - heck, I have to pay bar dues each year IN ADDITION to the fees for continuing ed. Plus, not all RKCs may want this option; they'll be content to come back to the RKC and be done with it.

I think this will expand the knowledge that RKCs have improve the image of RKCs. In the long run, this will improve the public image of RKCs and the cert itself. DD can capitalize on this in its advertising -- how impressive would it be to offer a list of RKC instructors with multiple certifications as opposed to just one? This will generate lots of goodwill, and you can't put a price on that.
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