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NYC kettlebell group?


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Does anyone know if there is a RKC group in or around the NYC area? Also is anyone else here going to Mike's workshop in Long Island on March 27th?


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Com. Nwvang: Here's NYC KB status from Glen Cove, L.I. vantage point:

Hi Comrade:

If you check the instructor's link, you'll should find info for David Ganulin, RKC, in NYC. I believe he has a web site @ www.KettlebellConcepts.com. Dave introduced and set up a program for KBs @Equinox Clubs and had been running some KB classes during the warmer weather. Dave is a great guy, if you contact him, please send my regards.

Through this board I've met some other good folks, Com. Brockster and Com. Stephen, from the Locust Valley, NY area, who I had a great time driving to Com. Steve Cotter's 10/03 NJ workshop with. I believe they are also loading up the wagon for a ride to the 1/30-2/1 2004, NJ workshop Com.Steve Cotter will be conducting. If you can make it, make it. Steve is an excellent teacher and practitioner. (www.fullkontactkettlebells.com for info.)

I am psyched to attend Coms. Mike & Dylan's workshop on L.I. in 3/04. Besides that it should be excellent, since most folks don't know what a KB is, it's great when there is a high quality event in your back yard. Huntington, L.I. is only about 10 miles from Glen Cove. (In June 2002, only about 2 weeks after I heard of Pavel, he held a one day workshop in Oyster Bay. On a whim, I attended. Wow ! I didn't know how lucky I was. Too bad it's not a regular event.)

If you're near Glen Cove, or want more info, please e-mail me @ edfesq@yahoo.com

Power to you !


Steve Freides

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Kettlebell Class meets weekly at the Ridgewood, NJ, YMCA

I teach a weekly kettlebell class at the Ridgewood, NJ, YMCA. It's a bargain at $10 per session per student for a 45 minute class. You register for it in 8-week sessions. More info here:



Ridgewood, NJ, YMCA Kettlebell Class Schedule


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Re: Com. Nwvang: Here's NYC KB status from Glen Cove, L.I. vantage point:

Thanks for all the info Com. Eddie
Looking foreward to working with you guys in March

Dylan and I are excited about teaming up to do the workshop in Long Island as well. We have worked together before and have a good synergy. Plus, it is always much more fun to drop people for push ups etc with a friend around ;-)

Mike Mahler www.mikemahler.com


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Re: Looking foreward to working with you guys in March

I'm looking forward to training with all you NY area comrades,Mike and I are planning something new,that you all will enjoy. It's going to kick your @$$!but in a good way.


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I train downtown in a gym, although I have to lug my KB everytime. People at this place are baffled by kettlebells, but then again they have arms bigger than my legs and couldnt pull their own weight.

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