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Official Cocktail of Kettlebell Fanatics-"the girevik"-Post your formula!


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As stated previously:

1 shot Vodka
1 shot Tequila
1 can Sobe Adrenaline Rush
pour over crushed ice

This post is primarily to help Pedro Morales recruit more gireviks in his job as a bartender,not to encourage over-indulgence!

If you have a suggested formula of your own for Pedro to try, post it!


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Re: Official Cocktail of Kettlebell Fanatics-"the girevik"-Post your formula!

This is what I consider a true girevik drink but I doubt it will help recruit anyone.

half shot of Vodka
half shot of Peppermint Schnapps
Shot of pickle juice

That's a drink only Pavel could love. I've never tried his pickle juice recommendation for hangovers as he writes in RKC (in case you were wondering wear I got pickle juice from).

However, I think you need to ditch the Tequila and use a more Nordic drink like Peppermint Schnapps.
Equal parts Vodka, Peppermint Schnapps, and Adrenaline Rush as a shooter.

Boicis EUR

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... drinking traditions should be developed and later honoured. My first 1-pood KB was empty inside, I drilled a hole to attach more weight to that. So, it could be filled with cocktail and used as a bowl. Every girevik must be able to drink from this bowl.

Good luck!


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Re: And...


A great trasition. Would you mind emailing me I have a question re: the Athens KB Competition.


Boicis EUR

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Re: And...

I am not sure I can say you anything about the Athens Competition (I have seen just the results on the web), but my e-mail is .


Gypsy Dancer

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Re: Official Cocktail of Kettlebell Fanatics-"the girevik"-Post your formula!

The pickle juice sounds better than the schnapps to me! Have you tried this combo is it still in the proposal stages?



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Here's my formula: The Painkiller!

3parts pineapple juice
1part OJ
1part pina colad mix

That is the base, then you number the drink by how many shots of GOOD rum you put in: 1, 2, 3 or my personal fave: 4.

Mix and serve over ice.

If done right, it tastes great and it really does kill your pain after a long KB workout.




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Re: Official Cocktail of Kettlebell Fanatics-"the girevik"-Post your formula!

Seeing as how the KB (or KB-like implements) seems to have historical roots in Russia, Scotland, and Germany, I think the drink ought to be composed of traditional liquors of each region.

Vodka (1 ounce)
Scotch (1 ounce)
Jagermeister (1 ounce)

I think it would be best served warm (harder to swallow) and layered for the tough at heart. But, if mixed together, I think it might resemble the blood and pus mixture that sometimes sneaks out from broken blisters. I guess it could be served cold too, but that would only make it easier.

A cup of pickle juice and a raw egg to wash it all down!


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Re: I keep my drinkin' simple.........

1) Drink a shot of Patron Silver, or Jameson.
2) Drink a Pint of Anchor Steam Liberty Ale.
3) Go to #1


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dude, that's trouble

I'm allergic to jager...I break out in handcuffs

nyuk nyuk nyuk

seriously that is scary. sounds like the stuff they fed me when i turned 21. shudder.


Pedro Morales

New member
Re: Sore Butt… But! & Kettlebell Cocktails

Hi Judoka,

Having a sore butt is not all it’s cut out to be. I’m sore everywhere even the front of my neck. But on the same account you do have a good point. My form today on the last set of Squat Pulls was breaking down. I have to keep my form tight.

Now down to important business, the Kettlebell Cocktail. The Vodka would have to be Stoli preferably Raspberry, and the Tequila is an usual mix w/ vodka with the exception of Texas Ice Teas. However to make it work in the Kettlebell Cocktail I would recommend Patron Silver (very Smooth), that will work better then any other Tequila in that mix. The SoBe Adrenaline Rush would be a good drink, normally $12 bucks in SoBe for Vodka-RedBull mix.

However there are other liquors/Liqueurs that can be added for instance, Jägermeister is a good one. Chambord (Raspberry flavor), Blackberry Brandy ect.

The Girevik:

1. Tall Glass w/ Crushed Ice
2. 1 ¼ Stoli Raspberry Vodka
3. ½ oz. Patron Silver or Jägermeister or Chambord or Blackberry Brandy
4. Fill Glass w/ SoBe Adrenaline Rush
5. Shake & Strain
6. NFL

The Kettlebell Cocktail: A.K.A. Kettlebell Ice Tea

1. Tall Glass w/ Ice
2. ¾ oz. Stoli Raspberry
3. ¾ oz. Blackberry Brandy
4. ¾ oz. Chambord
5. ½ oz. Jägermeister
6. Fill almost to top w/ SoBe Adrenaline Rush
7. Shake
8. Splash of Sprite
9. NFL

Well, folks I’ll work on some kind of Party Punch you guys can pre mix at a Kettlebell Get together on the beach or something. This is all I can think of in all this PAIN. Take care & Happy Kettlebell Cocktailing!!!

Sincerely Pedro “The Man w/ Strong Mixing Mojo” Morales


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I think I've got it ;)

Give this a whirl...I think you are going to find it right up your alley ;)

2 shot Peppar
Olive juice to dirty
Moonshine (palinka or some equivalent) to layer

Mix the peppar and juice and top with palinka. Light and serve!

Invented 19 days ago at Vibe nightclub by myself and another bartender that I got into KBing. Now we play the soviet national anthem when we make and serve them :D
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