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? on hip issues

Brad Nelson RKC

New member
I have a client that is experiencing some type of hip/tendon/ligament problem on the right side. Sometimes when doing swings it will 'catch' (much like when a knee /MCL or meniscus would catch when doing squats) and also sometimes on windmills. I can see when it affects him and it's almost like he buckles for a 1/2 a second and then recovers.

He has been to sports doc (best in the area) with not much help. Anyone have any advice? I am sending him to receive MFR tomorrow and possible ART as well.

Thanks and I know we can't diagnose these things over the internet but any feedback would be appreciated!!


Pavel Tsatsouline

Com. Brad, run light, stretching, windmills and light, stretching, FSQs plus hip flexor stretches by the doc.

Brad Nelson RKC

New member
thanks everyone!

I actually did the progression I learned from Steve Maxwell to get to an overhead squat through weighted Joint Mobility but all of the above suggestions were great!

Keep them coming!


Brad Nelson RKC

New member


Showed it at Level II and at the Convention (which I wasn't at).

Spinal Wave
Hack Squats
Hip flexor stretch (from Resilient)
Face the Wall squats
Shoulder dislocates
One hand OH squats
Two hand OH squats

I think there was more but that's what I used to get him in proper position and to increase the depth of his windmill within minutes...pretty cool.

I did 2 sets of cossacks/hip flexor stretch in lunge position/windmills/ FTW squats/ shoulder dislocates before going through the first run at an OH squat.

Hope that helps.

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