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On the WD, want to stop losing weight

bung bo

New member
I would like to put on some weight, actually. I was thinking about consuming a lot of protein throughout the day. Would this tax my body too much? I don't want to go off the WD because I like all the energy I have and I feel cleaner AND I save a lot of money not buying a big lunch everyday.


New member
I was facing the same challenge a couple of weeks af ago.. i solved the problem by eating some energetic foods before my vegetables which earlier filled my stomach pretty fast...


New member
Focus on eating nutrient-dense foods that are high in calories such as nuts like almonds and brazils. Foods like these, while extremely good for one’s health, will easily help one increase their calorie count.

Also, after your workout, you can try and take in a fairly large amount of carbs, because eating carbs immediately following a workout with some low fat protein has been shown to increase one’s ability to recover and enhance muscle growth.

If you workout in the morning or during the day it may be a good idea to eat small protein meals spaced throughout the day. Small protein meals will not tax your system too much, and are ideal if you have previously worked out.

Be sure to read Ori’s articles located on this forum. Good luck.

bung bo

New member
Eat more food. It really is that simple. n/m

Thanks,guys. I've been doing the protein throughout the day thing. It was hard for put on weight even when I used to eat like a hog.BTW, what your opinion on peanut butter?


New member
just a pointer. It sounds like you are looking to do more than stop loosing weight, but to add some. Alot of people here talk about the anabolic combination of meat and nuts. I have seen no evidence to support the claim that the combination is better at adding muscle than a calorically equivilant meal of, say, just meat. But, anecdotal, subjective, poorly controlled observation on my part thinks thre might be somethign to it. Try it. Beef and pine nuts, Gado Gado sauce is great with chicken (indonesian peanut sauce); almonds and fish.

But I want you to know that I found a comfortable place on the WD where I was not gaining or losing. I also found it fairly easy to gain muscle. Add dense high nutrient calories. I like coconut milk, and cook food in it. fat and meat will do the trick for me, and I do not find I have to eat more meat, but rather increase the calories and improve the hormonal reaction with carbohydrates and saturated fats. You will get there. Don't overdo the salad if you are getting too full, or eat two dinners instead of one.


New member
I am 6'2, 200, and I stay pretty constant with my weight while entertaining the principles of the warrior diet. I say entertain because I go off it every few days..can't hang in there yet..but on the days I am, I eat a Yogurt and glasses of Organic Milk throughout the day (Don't know if this is right...but it helps me keep mass without supplements right now) and I am still ready to eat big at night, as I workout in the morning and at night. I think also the trick is to, as another posted, to eat more at your big meal, i mean really overeat, this helps you get through the next day. My metabolism is so high, I get hungry pretty quick.

another part of the warrior diet I have found, is you need to be organized, and plan your big meals. knowing compensation is on its way helps to deal mentally. this is a big challenge for me, a single guy, and it may be for others. before you buy groceries, plan out all your meals in advance, and act accordingly. I have yet to do this consistently, alas! hope this helps, -Josh
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