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Organizing and Structuring Group Training Sessions...

Tun Tavern 1775

New member
I am in the process of starting up a KB/Strength Training Club here in the TC. The club will primarily focus on GS training and training would reflect such work, but I do hope to add other elements of strength training at times.

I'm looking for some ideas as to how clubs (not just KB clubs) structure their training sessions.

My thoights are:

First, a GS 'challenge' which would essentially be made known at least a week prior. Example: First to finish 100 total L/R snatches.

Then, some more technical and tweaking work.

Finish with something non-GS like wheelbarrow push/pull, throws, Sandbag work, Maxwell Challenge, whatever....

Looking for real-life insights as to what works at this time, and my examples are shown to simply demonstrate priorities. I do not wish to 'wing' training meetings in the future.

Any insights from other KB clubs, PL/Weightlifting, MA, ect, woyuld be appreciated. My club experience is limited to Schutzhund (German Police Dog sport).

Initially, we would meet every two to three weeks; but my hope would be to establish weekly meetings at some point.


bill fox

New member
One thing to consider is where everyone is in their training. For us, everyone pretty much does what they would be doing solo, since we're all pretty deep into some kind of carefully planned thing, but you get 5-6 sets of eyes to critque/suggest etc....Lot's of ideas are discussed, technique tweaks - more so then any kind of "group workout".

Tun Tavern 1775

New member
Good points...

That's how it's been the couple of times we got together. It's sort of like that with a dog club (all at different levels, ect).

I was thinking along the lines of measured forward progression, if that's possible. I also think that some of the stuff San Diego's done in the past (the 10*10 "I go, you go' in LC stands out in my mind as a not so bad way to go as well.

Thanks for the input, Bill.

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