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Origin of the Good Morning exercise


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I believe it was in the RKC book where Pavel noted how a powerlifter asked him how an powerful, basic exercise such as the Good Morning got such a 'flowery' name. I might be able to help. Remember that physical culture and weightlifting became popular during the Victorian Age in the United States. In this day, even the most powerful of strongmen such as Eugene Sandow [who didn't have a problem with all of those figleaf poses] had proper manners. It was considered proper to wish good morning to a lady by bowing to her and tipping your hat [yes, the men always wore hats in that day]. That proper bowing motion is what became the model for the good morning exercise. A little bit of trivia but one I wanted to answer.

Pavel Tsatsouline

Com. PatCNJ, thanks, ;] n/m

Com. PatCNJ, thanks, ;] n/m
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