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Our 2 lbs Inian Clubs are back in stock and on sale

John Du Cane

Staff member
Good news! Our prime 2lbs Indian Clubs are back in stock and on sale! Given their previous popularity and our limited supply, we recommend you act quickly.
The Indian Club had been developed, in turn, by British, German and American military and civilian experts into a highly sophisticated system of restorative health drills. The unique circular movements of the Indian Club promote not only greater overall strength and flexibility but act as a magnificent "neural tune-up" for the whole body.
Indian Club Swinging Exercises — in just minutes a days — WILL:

  • Strengthen your back, shoulders, pecs, biceps, triceps, forearms, grip — and most importantly — your connective tissue, ligaments and tendons

  • Enhance your shoulder efficiency, mobility, elbow and wrist flexibility — and range of motion

  • Develop your coordination, balance and agility

  • Counteract the negative impact of too many hours sitting hunched at a computer keyboard
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